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Appraiser Member (includes all real estate appraisers who are either certified or licensed by TALCB.) $125
Associate Member (includes all other non-licensed individuals who are eligible for membership including appraiser trainees.) $50
Designation Fee (a designation application must be included) $25
Extra Membership Pin $5
Additional Transcripts $5
Additional Meeting Fees $30
Exhibitor Fees $500
Friday Afternoon Only $50
Friday Morning Only $30
Intro to Disater Appraising (price includes shipping and handling) $24.95
Write it Better $24.95

Integrity and Professionalism

    The Association of Texas Appraisers (ATA) promotes a higher standard of integrity and professionalism in the appraisal industry and serves as an industry wide clearinghouse and provides an opportunity to share appraisal industry practices as well as build a network of associates with expertise throughout the state.

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